Hot oil boiler

In systems that use heat from hot oil, the main part of the hot oil boiler  is. However, this equipment includes other parts that are as follows

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Pumps Hot oil boilers

This is part of the equipment for oiling the system in the system. In this system, ” centrifuge  pumps are mainly   used to prevent oil leakage. The importance of these pumps is that   these pumps, when operating The pumped liquid does not steam inside the pump chamber.

Hot oil boiler expansion tank:

This type of source is used when the oil temperature is close to the Flash point, and also when  the height limit is due to the use of an expansion system depending on the type of open source. Comments  to  the system expansion pack much more complex structure of the system is expanding,

More control equipment is  used in the openings and needs more careful maintenance and use. Hot oil or hot oil boiler  is a device used to heat the burning of hot gases due to combustion of  fuel (gas, Gasoline or Mazut is used as a fluid in the torch or thermal energy carrier inside the tubes (thermal oil  ) for transferring to the consumer of thermal energy.

Hot oil boiler is one of the most suitable equipment to meet this demand in industries that require a high temperature of around 150-300 ° C at low working pressure  . Normally, access to  work temperatures above 300 ° C is a special application requiring special design of the system and the use of  special thermal oil and equipment, which in addition to the high cost of construction of the facility, due to the prevention of high risks and high cost of  depreciation, the system is not recommended. .

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Hot oil boiler


Pressurized tank

Spherical tank