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About us Industrial company Our

Change into the best collection of objects in Iran using every single employees to answer costumers in case of quality,choise,srvices,etc...

  • manufactureStaff and Abilities
  • Warantee 24/7
  • QC unitLive control
  • MachinesAbilities in Productions
  • CertificatesList of Iranian Petroleum Refining and Distribution Suppliers
  • StandardsNational Standard
  • PolicyEntering international markets
  • EngneeringDesign,Engneering&Manufacture

To have another day - be safe today

A good quality Is not a sudden


Boiler with various capacity

Has Energy Grade A in the boiler

برج تقطیر

Distillation Tower

مبدلهای حرارتی

Heat Exchangers

Designer and Manufacturer of Heat Exchangers for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Industries

طراحی موتورخانه
Design & Run a project on EPC form

Design and implementation of fuel oil and bitumen heating systems for EPC storage, transportation and loading

After sales support and service

Our technicians are fully trained in the various fields of installation, maintenance and repair. Our technicians can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why SolarSanatBokhar

What sets this company apart from other companies is the great attention paid to the use of the best and highest quality raw materials and the thorough and thorough supervision of the quality control unit to the quality of the product produced.

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