Quality control unit

quality control unit

 The quality control unit of this company, based on credible and approved employer standards and in accordance with the quality plan (QCP) and inspection procedures (ITP), which has previously been approved by the representatives of the employer, the consultant, the third-party inspector and the developer, is in control.

The solar sanat.Co unit of the steam industry has several sections as follows:

  • Control of raw materials and input items

This section examines the qualitative identification of the goods and the tests conducted in ITP and measures the quality level of the goods acceptance criteria.

In-process control

This section performs visual, ocular, dimensional, and non-destructive testing of the welding process and ensures that the proposed operation is in accordance with the (ITP).

  • Non-destructive testing:

Includes the use of radiographic, ultrasonic, penetrating fluids, magnetic particles according to the inspection and standard procedures.

  • Malware tests are designed in accordance with PQR.
  • Final product control:

This section will inspect manufactured equipment, including ocular, dimensional, control of records and inspection reports, layout, document control, to ensure full implementation of the QCP experiments and performance success.

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