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Boiler The boiler is made of a horizontal fire tube type, which is among the other models of the best efficiency and performance. Also, in terms of the use of the best raw materials in construction, these boilers have a high life span. The side is easy to install and operate thanks to the use of two-piece doors and the base of the chassis. Also, it is easy to install the staircase and the inspection platform on the boiler to operate and access to different points of the boiler. Makes The use of the most advanced control equipment is another benefit of the company's steam boilers. The steam boilers of this company are designed in accordance with BS2790 and ISIR4231 standards. The thermal levels of the boilers manufactured by this company are based on the ASME standard, which has the highest thermal surface value. Therefore, it has the highest efficiency and longevity compared to other boilers. It will be. In the construction of boilers of this company SSS B has been used for all welding methods including SAW and manual welding (SMAW), all based on WPS and PQR. According to the manufacturing standard: All NDT tests are performed on devices at a specified rate, and ultimately, the standard approval of Iran comes. It is also set up, training and maintenance for free.

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