Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel

The pressure vessel is referred to as ASME SECTION VIII according to ASME standard

The design pressure inside it is more than 15 psi and less than psi 3,111. These metallic reservoirs are usually cylindrical or spherical to hold or carry out chemical processes of liquids or  gases that can withstand different loading of internal pressure or external pressure and vacuum inside .

The main standard for designing these ASME SECTION VIII tanks is by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers  and reviewed every four years.

The compliance criterion of this standard is the greater the internal pressure of the reservoir of 15 psi. Pressure tanks in the oil, refinery, petrochemical and gas industries are also of particular use for the main industries such as power plants and the like. Therefore, paying attention to their design and construction is very important.

Pressurized vessels are designed at a special pressure and temperature, which is called design pressure and design temperature, to be safe  .

The design and construction of such pressure equipment without principles and the use of codes and design standards will be very  dangerous and incidental, therefore, their design and construction are in accordance with special regulations.

Designing and computing, manufacturing engineering drawings and quality control, manufacturing and testing of  pressure vessels for various metallic materials and according to ASME standard, within the capabilities of SolarSanatBokhar.Co

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